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What you should know about LED PROJECTORS?

Whether for the private screening of films or professional use in school and at work - being without an LED PROJECTOR is today barely possible. Both the transmission of audio and video as well as the stream of documents, with an LED PROJECTOR almost anything is possible. With the abundance of different providers the selection of LED projectors is tremendous. They differ not only in shape and colour, but also in their inner workings. With a different lumen number, screen size or compatibility for a variety of devices and operating systems, you will be spoiled for choice when buying an LED projector test hd projector vs. mini projector

Is there a special projector for home theater?

If you would like for example, a projector to set up home cinema, then of course a higher resolution and a larger image size is advantageous. This is crucial, as it natural to require a home theater projector to give a razor sharp image. In this aspect it may suit for a 3D projector. More and more movies are recorded in 3D and with a 3D projector, you get into the enjoyment of 3D in your own home. However, a home cinema projector is not a special type of LED projector. Rather, for these LED projectors value is placed on certain functions. If you require the purchase of an LED projector only for presentations,


you should be careful to choose especially for a small projection distance and an appropriate focal length. Especially in conference rooms or in schools, you do not always have the option of placing an LED PROJECTOR very far away from the screen.LED PROJECTOR TEST


What is important when buying an LED Projector?

If you buy an LED PROJECTOR, this should particularly correspond to your needs, since there are  numerous LED PROJECTORS on the market, the right model can always be found for every intended purpose.
Therefore, make sure about the functions first. Depending on whether you use the LED PROJECTOR with movies or documents, the focus should be placed both on the HD resolution as well as the screen size. mini projector against portable projector

Which is the best LED PROJECTOR?

The best LED PROJECTOR can not be chosen so easily, as for this the intended purpose is always crucial. Generally a good LED PROJECTOR should have a long service life of at least 10,000 hours. Only then is it guaranteed that you can use the LED PROJECTOR regularly. User-friendly features such as USB and HDMI connection or compatibility with both Windows and Mac as well as with the most common audio and video applications are also included with good models.
A good LED PROJECTOR is priced both in the intermediate and high-priced because it depends on the quality and the scope of the equipment. led projector

LCD-/DLP Projector vs. LED Projector - What are the differences in technology?

In addition to an LED projector there are also those that are equipped with an LCD or DLP technology. The differences here are enormous. An LCD projector mainly projects very high quality images, is particularly compact and thus easy and, due to the sharp pixel delineation, good for text and graphic representations. But the operation is more expensive and the service life is less by up to one-tenth than LCD  projectors. DLP projectors, however, have their strength in terms of speed and are therefore well suited for moving images. Furthermore, they have much more contrast than LCD projector and also maintain a less pronounced pixel structure. A disadvantage of these projectors is the noise produced by fans and ribbon. Thus, LCD projectors are limited to films and audio or video presentations.

An LED PROJECTOR combines the benefits of LCD and DLP displays and thanks to many features is an all-round talent. Due to the use of LEDs, the power consumption of the LED projector is particularly low. In addition, an LED PROJECTOR generates almost no heat and so a fan is not necessary. Thus LED PROJECTORS are very quiet and ideal for use in film presentations. Next, an LED PROJECTOR has a tremendously long lifetime of around 20-30 thousand hours. Furthermore LED PROJECTORS can have very small dimensions and are therefore ideal for mobility. The special feature of LED is also that, due to the low power consumption, a battery can be used. Thus you can always and everywhere hold a presentation. 
Please check this. In the original it also says LCD but the context makes me think it should say "LED". LED PROJECTOR TEST and the pico projector

On what should the decision on an LED projector fall?

LED PROJECTORS are a total of not only energy-efficiency, the benefits clearly outweigh when compared to other projectors. You can also use an LED projector for various purposes. Possible to use LED Projectors in light?
Of course you can use an LED PROJECTOR even in rooms that you can not darken. In order to nevertheless ensure a good image the brightness of the projector is critical. To produce enough brightness lumen number is crucial. Since the light from LED diodes is colder than incandescent bulbs, the colour intensity is correspondingly lower. Therefore, the more lumens the more light and more light and so the room may be brighter. So you can use an LED projector even outdoors when it has sufficient lumen. L1080p projector:

The connection options are crucial

Even the best LED PROJECTOR may perform poorly in the test without the corresponding connections, if it can not be used for the intended purpose. Thus, it is crucial that certain storage media can be connected for the transmission of image, sound and video and to the device. One of the most common connections is the USB port. This allows, for example, both your phone and an MP3 player as well as to connect a simple USB device and play the files on the LED PROJECTOR. Also important may be a card card slot for SD. SD cards are in use in cameras. With the right slot, you can immediately transfer the photos on your camera to the LED PROJECTOR. Whether a slide-show or presentation - both are uncomplicated like this. Particularly modern models also feature an HDMI port. This is important if you want to connect directly to the projector, for example, your PC. So it makes sense to finish pre-presentations on PC, and without that you have to pull on a storage medium, with this extra, you can send the file to directly to the projector. The advantage with this approach is that if you find a mistake or do not like the size, font, or something else on the projector-view you can resolve this problem immediately. 3d projector vs LED PROJECTOR TEST:

Which LED PROJECTOR manufacturer is the best?

Whether Acer or Phillips - there are many manufacturers that are known for good LED PROJECTOR models. Many of the renowned manufacturers share more or less the front seats, because they manufacture any quality and different LED PROJECTORS. The only differences are in the size of the projector. Some manufacturers specialize specifically in the production of namely, mini-projectors.
However, these do not stand up to the normal sized models. In this LED projector test, the top five LED PROJECTORS are put under the microscope from design to size, from features to handling, to help you with the buying decision. We tell you which LED PROJECTOR promises what and what it shows in the test. pocket projector
 and the multimedia one:


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Additional accessories for LED Projectors

Since projector are now no longer used only for projection purposes, is usually the use of further Projector  accessories needed. Whether for securing or support for a more comfortable viewing experience, there are on the market for countless Equipment Mini projectors. Below you will find an overview of the most common equipment. LED PROJECTOR TEST:
3D for your home

More and more movies are now recorded in 3D. Good projector resp. Mini projector  support this feature,    allowing you to a three dimensional- video feeling in your own 4 walls.  Besides Mini projectors a 3D
Eyewear is required for this. With this, you can easily view all   3D movies and videos like the movies at home. best projector
Another crucial accessory is an HDMI cable. Most modern mini projectors feature have an HDMI port,
which allows you a direct connection of the Mini projector example with the PC. Since this cable is notsupplied with any mobile projector, it must be purchased separately. Accessories for mounting on walls and ceilings. hdmi projector


If you are looking for a LED PROJECTOR that can convince both functionally and in terms of design and features, then you will be satisfied with the Acer K137i LED projector. With a small size of 11.6 x 4.1 x 18.9 cm and less than 500 grams, this LED PROJECTOR is also suitable for transport on the go. The screen size of this model extends to a range from 431.80 to 2540 mm. This allows you to make good use of this device as a home cinema projector and create a cozy movie night within your own 4 walls. In addition, this device is also a 3D projector. You have the possibility of both watching 3D movies and showing presentations in 3D on this projector. video projector

The projection in this LED PROJECTOR is both front and rear as well as from above. This will give a lot of flexibility in your presentations. With a projection distance of 600 mm - 3.20 m, this projector is also ideal for the office, because you can create a good image even if situated close to the screen. You can use both Windows and Mac with this LED PROJECTOR thanks to its good compatibility. In addition it is also possible to use files in EDTV, HDTV and SDTV present with this model.
small projector:


  • Color: Silver Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 4.1 x 18.9 cm ; 499 g Item model number: MR.JKX11.001 ASIN: B00R88ZSLI
  • 3D-Ready mobile projector
  • Up to 14.95 mm Focal Length
  • Screen Size: 431.80 to 2540 mm mobile projector
  • Projection: Front, rear and top
  • Projection distance: 600 mm - 3.20m
  • Compatible with EDTV, HDTV and SDTV best mini projector
  • For Windows and Mac... micro projector

This LED PROJECTOR can satisfy, both in terms of features as well as the features and user-friendliness, in every aspect. usb projector
Product Datasheet Acer K137i
4 / 5 from 1 Customer Reviews



The LG Electronics PA70G LED Projector offers from outside a very futuristic and sleek design in white. With an incredible life of 30 thousand hours, you can use this LED PROJECTOR regularly over several years without any problems. Since this LED PROJECTOR is 3D ready, it is also suitable as a home cinema projector. With an HD resolution of 720p you can organize a 3D movie night at home. Due to the number of 500 lumens, the light in this 3D projector is especially high, and thus also for the projection in the open air.
Thanks to a convenient USB port, you can either transfer your files from a USB device to the LED PROJECTOR or launch it directly from your smartphone. If you want to use the LED PROJECTOR for a presentation of graphics or text, you can do this in EXCEL, WORD, PDF and PPT formats and therefore show even PowerPoint presentations. This projector has the dimensions 15.8 x 3.3 x 10.3 cm and 472 grams is a very compact model.LED PROJECTOR TEST: and best portable projector


  • Color: White Product Dimensions: 23 x 17 x 4.4 cm ; 1.4 Kg Item model number: PA70G.AEU ASIN: B0089RG30W 3D-Ready
  • 720p HD-Resolution
  • HDMI-Port full hd projector
  • 700 Lumens
  • 30.000 hours lifespan projector lights
  • Supports EXCEL-, WORD-, PDF- und PPT-files
  • 110% NTSC colour gamut
  • With USB-Interface mini led projector
  • Operation via soft touch pad...

This projector a top model functionally for both daily use for home cinema and externally. best hd projector
Product Datasheet LG PB70G Electronics
4 / 5 from 9 Customer Reviews



Prices in the middle segment, the Philips PicoPix PPX4835 16: 9 WXGA Projector is presented in a noble design, completely in white and a compact size of only 11.5 x 11.5 x 3.2 cm. This also has a low weight of only 340g making this LED PROJECTOR an appropriate model for on the go. With an HD resolution of 720p, you can watch videos in very high quality with this LED PROJECTOR . This causes the device to be used as a home cinema LED projector. With 350 lumens, this LED PROJECTOR also ensures sufficient brightness, so you can use it even in not or hardly darkened rooms.

Furthermore, this LED PROJECTOR also features a 3D function. Whether three-dimensional presentations or videos in 3D - this 3D LED projector offers you the different possibilities of presentation. Thanks to the additional handy HDMI port you can connect your PC or laptop directly to the projector and do not have to go through a storage medium. This has the advantage that you can see the presentation project immediately, directly after completion. In addition, you can add to it or change it.
LED PROJECTOR TEST: with wall projector


  • Color: White Product dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 3.2 cm Model: PPX4855 MPN: 3425160333398 3D-Ready
  • 720p HD-Resolution led projector 1080p
  • HDMI-Port
  • 350 Lumens
  • Screensize: Up 381 cm
  • Weight: 340 g mini hd projector
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 3.2 cm
  • USB-Interface...

This LED PROJECTOR is a totally outstanding model which has mainly a high user-friendliness, extensive functionality and an appealing design. Overall, a very good price-performance ratio.
Produkt Datasheet Philips PPX4835
3 / 5 from 2 Customer Reviews



This LED PROJECTOR EUG X89 is mid-priced despite its excellent facilities, making it the ideal model for beginners as well as for occasional users. The special features of this LED PROJECTOR are firstly represented by the WiFi function and the Android 4.4.4 system. This allows you to install different apps on the LED PROJECTOR and so movies and videos easily from your PC or phone will send out via WiFi to the device. With an additional excellent 1080p HD this is quickly transformed into a home cinema LED projector. But the most impressive thing is the lumen. With a total of an incredible 3600 a brightness can be obtained from this model that makes even projecting outdoors and in the sun possible. This offers a film presentation with friends or family.

The projection distance is 1.5 m to 4 m, giving you lots of flexibility in terms of projector and screen formation. But also makes use in the outdoors possible. If you do not want to use the wireless function, you can also use the included HDMI or AV cable. The size of the LED projector is 34 x 26.5 x 14 cm. This, however, while it is comparatively larger, due to the extensive equipment i ideal. With the addition of 4.5 Kg weight, you can take this projector on the road. In addition it is possible with this projector - a ceiling projection. This is especially useful if you use it frequently. So you can bring it into the perfect position. projector mobile


  • White-BlackProduct Dimensions: 30 x 5 x 37.5 cm ; 5 Kg Item model number: X89+(WIFI) ASIN: B00UWOCAZM
  • With WiFi
  • 1080p HD-Auflösung best pocket projector
  • 3600 lumens
  • Including Android 4.4.4 System
  • Projection distance: 1,5 m - 4 m projector hdmi
  • Including HDMI- and AV-cable...

This LED PROJECTOR has a very good ratio of price and performance. This is supported with the easy handling and the widespread use and has an attractive design but also with extensive features. and the best 3d projector
Product Datasheet EUG X89
EUG X88/X89
Manufactured by: EUG
Model: X89+(A)
Product ID: B00U3PW8EI

4 based on 31 reviews
£219 New


This LED PROJECTOR from the brand Acer K135 is the ideal model for a variety of purposes. With 500 lumens of LED PROJECTOR if gives a lot of light and can therefore also be used in daylight. With an internal memory of 1GB, you can store a large number of documents on this LED PROJECTOR and so dispense with taking your PC. With 20 thousand hours lifespan, you can use this LED PROJECTOR every day over several years. This projector is also 3D ready.

This means that the device is a 3D LED Projector and thus offers you the possibility of three-dimensional transfer. The special feature of this model is the ability to project itself via LAN and WLAN. So you can easily send from your couch, movies and videos from your phone and PC, and all without cables. In addition, this LED projector from Acer features an Auto Shutdown feature. With this, the projector automatically shuts down after a certain time. This feature is especially handy when you watch a movie and fall asleep. Thus saving power and valuable life of the device.
with the hd led projector TEST:


  • Item model number: BPSCA MR.JKW11.001 - SB05943- ASIN: B01E9R6ULM
  • 3D Ready
  • 1 GB internal memory
  • 500 Lumen pocket projektor
  • 20.000 hours life
  • Wired and wireless projection possible via LAN and WLAN
  • With integrated USB Reader mini projector tv
  • Including: HDMI-, MHL- and Audio-cable...

This LED PROJECTOR has all the necessary functions, making it a top model for entry level and professional. mobile video projector
Product Datasheet Acer K135
4.5 / 5 from 22 Customer Reviews


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